Yves Geleyn


Yves Geleyn is a storyteller whose work resonates through a profound understanding of life's subtleties. His narrative craft, enhanced by a vast range of creative techniques, is driven by an obsession with revealing quiet truths. Born to a multicultural family, Yves's nomadic childhood across Britain, France, and Germany, punctuated by global escapades, shaped his curious spirit. His diverse experiences, from rugby to culinary arts, led him to graphic design and motion graphics, enriching his storytelling lens.His award-winning films and commercials, like the poignant 'Monster in the Closet' and the celebrated John Lewis 'The Bear and The Hare', showcase his storytelling prowess. His attention to detail is exemplified in the meticulously crafted McDonald’s 'Always Working', a testament to his perfectionist approach. In Yves's hands, stories are poetic, resonant, and timeless.

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