Peter Sluszka


With over two decades honing his expertise in stop motion, Peter Sluszka stands as an award-winning virtuoso whose creativity knows no bounds. His remarkable work, celebrated at platforms like Annecy, the Annies, Clio Awards, and a Wood Pencil at D&AD, speaks volumes of his mastery. 

Peter's true genius lies in design and fabrication. He's no stranger to diving head-first and hands-on into set design, fabrication, or animation. His diverse portfolio encapsulates commercial productions, music videos, TV series, and films, exhibiting a captivating blend of live-action, CG, and stop-motion wonders. From traditional foam latex puppets to unconventional materials like meat, origami, or tons of clay, Peter's imaginative realm continually stretches the fabric of animation, presenting a delightful spectacle in every endeavour.

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